Poster Contests are back and
they are global.

This year’s overarching theme is ‘The Environment.’

Each poster you create will be based on a specific habitat. Each specific habitat will be given a concept to drive you to create a poster. These concepts will range in specificity and vary in conceptual direction. Don’t overcomplicate your poster; if it isn’t specified then it is up to you to solve the problem using the best of your ability.



  • Poster Size is 18 x 24, 300 DPI resolution. (This is a required size. Entrees not meeting poster size will be disqualified)
  • Full-bleed allowed, full-color allowed, any medium allowed. Only PDF or JPEG file formats accepted.
  • You should make each contest poster to the industry standard.
    Look for reference to match the individual contest theme, research what information is commonly seen on that type of project, and make sure that information is included. We will be looking for the minimum industry standard supplemental information to resemble a practical real-world project.
  • Posters with Lorem Ipsum place-holder type, stretched photos, or stretched logos will be disqualified.

Contest openings, deadlines, and themes:

Jan 1st – Feb 1st: Forests —  Call-to-Action Poster

Feb 1st – Mar 1st: Grasslands — Single-focus Advertisement

Mar 1st – Apr 1st: Mountains — Broad appeal Advertisement

Apr 1st – May 1st (Two challenges, Pick one)
Oceans — Documentary Film Poster


Deserts — An Informational Graphic

May 1st – Jun 1st (Two challenges, Pick one)
Polar Regions — E.P.A. Advertisement Poster

— OR —

Freshwaters — Surrealism Poster

Jun 1st – Jul 1st: Wetlands — Activism Poster

Jul 1st – Aug 1st: Urban Areas — Expressive Concept

Don’t forget your full rules and themes PDF here