Hussian College Library’s Mission: The Hussian College Library contributes to the mission of the institution by providing resources that inspire creativity and enrich the academic community. The library is not only a physical space but also a virtual space where the Hussian community can interact, create, and collaborate. Hussian’s library includes helpful resources that support our school’s curriculum. In addition to the physical resources that are on campus, Hussian has developed a resource share with Harrisburg University. Hussian students are able to request materials from Harrisburg’s extensive collection.

Hussian Library Catalog:  Click to search for resources in our collection. 


Additional Libraries and Services

LIRN Online Library Resource – Access the Library and Information Resources Network. Use the LIRN ID number provided to you at orientation. If you lost your access number, please consult the Administrative Services Coordinator or Librarian. -Contact your librarian or administrative services professional to gain access to, where you can find a myriad of video tutorials produced by trustworthy professionals.

Free Library of Philadelphia – As a Hussian College student, you are eligible for a free library card from the excellent Free Library of Philadelphia. Take advantage of the materials and services available for use from the Free Library of Philadelphia. If you need to get a library card, contact the front desk (

Free Library of Philadelphia Database Access  – Your library card will allow you to access dozens of databases relevant to your education.

Harrisburg University’s Library-Access the library collection of Harrisburg University.
Find what you need using the catalog.
For more information, contact the Harrisburg University librarian at

Additional Online Resources

Using Internet Resources
When using internet resources, you need to be alert and critical of their trustworthiness and validity. This guide outlines the key factors you should weigh when deciding if you can trust an internet resource

Useful links about copyright
Copyright and intellectual property laws are complex and can be intentionally vague. While it is not necessary to be an expert, it is useful to familiarize yourself with the basics and avoid trouble as a student and a professional.

Research and Writing Assistance

  • The Purdue Online Writing Lab
    An overall excellent resource for research and writing help. Pay special attention to the Research and Citation resources section.
  • Excelsior College Online Writing Lab
    An excellent and award winning online writing lab, featuring a very user friendly approach to academic writing. There is an excellent section to review grammar essentials.
  • The Internet Public Library
    A digital library full of library approved internet resources. It is promoted as “information you can trust.” While the ipl2 stopped updating as of 2015, the preserved servers still hold 20 years of curatorial work from librarians that you can access.

Image Resources

The internet is filled with image resources. Be very aware of copyright when using images obtained online, and pay attention to the terms of use sections on different sites. The following are some trustworthy sites to reference. This guide by Boston University Libraries will help you learn how to be a responsible searcher. Finding Images on the Web

Periodical Subscriptions:

Can’t find what you need? Contact Hussian College’s librarian to schedule an appointment for personalized assistance.