Employment Verification and Release Forms

  1. Download the Employment Verification pdf form to report your employment and professional development status.
  2. All fields with an asterisk (*) are required to be filled out before submitting your form. If you have questions about a field, please contact our Career Coordinator at peter.brooks@hussiancollege.edu.
  3. Once you have completed entering all employment information, please sign and date your forms (digitally or by hand), and submit your forms to the Career Coordinator via email at peter.brooks@hussiancollege.edu or by mail.

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Employment Verification Form

Employment Information Release (download, fill-in, and send back)

Employment Verification Procedure

Hussian College established a thorough career verification procedure in order to ensure accurate data retrieval for graduate employment status and verification reports. This procedure is designed to meet all ACCSC accreditation standards.

Procedural Steps

  1. Required pre-graduation exit counseling session with our Career Services Coordinator to discuss the student’s next-step career vision, their professional goals, and the importance of submitting an employment report immediately when employment is obtained.
  2. Post graduation, the Career Services Coordinator contacts graduates every 3 to 6 months to check-in about their current employment status and professional development. When graduates report that they have secured employment in their field, they submit a digital career verification form that details all the information necessary to determine successful career placement.
  3. Once a verification form is obtained, the information is sent to Hussian College’s third party verification service to authenticate all the placement data. This process is executed shortly after receiving documentation from a graduate in order to ensure a successful response of placement from the employer and the graduate.