Hussian’s Internship Program provides a critical link between a student’s education and employment that only direct work experience can provide.

Hussian also maintains a strong bond with our experienced alumni. Employers who may have opportunities to hire one of our talented graduates may use this form to contact our offices to arrange for a qualified applicant to contact you.

The Internship Program is part of the senior elective curriculum. Students wishing to take advantage of the Internship Program will earn one (1) full credit for every forty-five (45) hours on location. Internships are generally limited to one or two days a week. Tuesdays and Thursdays are the preferred days for this experience but alternate days may be discussed. However, interns are not available for work on Fridays.

Students are selected by you through portfolio interviews. Usually, students related to your needed artistic discipline are sent to interview for this opportunity. The responsibilities of the internship employer are not difficult or time consuming, but do require that a supervisor be assigned to monitor the intern and act as a liaison with the school. The student should be permitted to perform tasks that would be expected of any junior level employee.

A. Student interns must be given practical tasks that are directly relevant to the applied Graphic Arts field.
B. If there is a lull in the workload on any given date, it is suggested the intern try their hand at a new concept for a previously produced job.
C. The supervisor will sign and return the school time sheet each month in order to document credits earned.
D. Identify the quality of the intern’s performance periodically and at the end of the program an Intern Program Evaluation form on the student will be mailed for your completion.

Hussian is grateful for your participation and we’re available at any time to answer questions.

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