Brad Guigar

Brad Guigar will celebrate 15 years of creating daily comic strips this year.

“Evil Inc” ( runs Monday-through-Saturday on the Web, and it also appears in front of nearly 100,000 newspaper readers every weekday. Evil Inc is a corporation that is run by super-villains by super-villains. The CEO (Chief Evil Operator) is Evil Atom, a Silver-Age bad guy who discovered that he could do more evil if he did it “legally.”

Guigar is considered by many to be a webcomics pioneer, having self-published his daily strips and other comics on the Web since February 2000. He has been nominated for the highest honor in comics — the Eisner award — for “Phables,” a year-and-a-half-long weekly series of comics about life in Philadelphia, and he does a weekly single-panel comic, “Courting Disaster,” about sex, love and relationships.

He is the author of “The Everything Cartooning Book,” and the co-author of “How To Make Webcomics.” His newest book, “The Webcomics Handbook” was released in 2014, and is one of the top Arts Business books on

He is the editor-in-chief of the daily tutorial-and-advice site,, and he co-hosts a regularly posted podcast about comics on the Web called Webcomics Weekly, which is available at

He is a gifted speaker, having given rousing presentations on topics ranging from comics-on-the-Web to general creativity. He has been a featured panelist at comic conventions and trade shows, and he offered his thoughts on independent Web publishing at Harvard University. And earlier this summer, he premiered his stand-up comedy at Philadelphia’s Helium Comedy Club. offers samples from these appearances.

Brad lives in Philadelphia with his wife, Caroline, and two boys.


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