Images are a powerful means of communication. Hussian’s Visual Communications concentration provides students with the opportunity to develop their image-making skills to the highest level. Students are exposed to challenging projects and are encouraged to work through problems using visual solutions.

In addition to developing skills of interpretation, narrative, and creation, we also emphasize a solid grounding in practical life application of these learned skills by teaching professional art business principles and practices.

Visual Communications goes beyond illustration. Our graduates are more than visual storytellers; they are also designers, animators, character developers, game developers and interactive artists. The Hussian Visual Communications curriculum produces a versatile artist capable of working in multiple disciplines.

The Visual Communications curriculum includes traditional painting and drawing classes combined with digital processes to provide the student with many possibilities for creative expression. The curriculum emphasizes color, texture, form, design and creative vision to develop the student’s individual style.

Courses in mixed media, storytelling, creative writing, critical thinking and observation, and business practices support the requirements of the industry. In addition, elective courses enable the student to expand their technical skills and personal point-of-view.