What is User Interface & Experience?

The User Interface & Experience (UI & UX) concentration at Hussian College is a four-year undergraduate program that prepares students to design the devices, applications, screens, and interactions people have with technology. Students receive core training in developing skills of user-centered design, mobile and web design, programming, and coding. Whether building static or dynamic pages, it all starts with the basics of front end development. Learn how to properly plan out a site, delve into templates, and understand how to manipulate layouts.


Work individually or within a team to accomplish specific goals associated human interaction and wayfinding in a digital environment. User interface and experience designers leverage design principles and user-centered experience theories to design a narrative experience for audiences on web and application platforms. Interface and experience designers are multimedia artists who use graphic, animated, and video media to direct and captivate their audience.


User Experience (UX) Designer, User Interface (UI) Designer, Digital Media Designer, Front-End Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Digital Content Specialist, Interactive Designer, 2D Animator, Multimedia Design Specialist, Art Director, Creative Director.

UI & UX DESIGNERS WORK IN: Start-up companies, advertising agencies, small and large creative studios, user experience agencies, in-house design departments for corporate companies, non-profit agencies, freelance design consultants, storyboard artists, etc.