Hussian’s Graphic Design concentration prepares students for the diverse world of visual communications.

At our Philadelphia-based graphic design school, students learn to deliver a message creatively that informs, persuades, inspires, entertains, and motivates the viewer to react. Graphic designers are an essential component in the changing landscape of marketing and emerging technologies; they are the creative link between the product or service and the audience.

Graphic Design goes beyond print design applications. Today, a graphic designer works in multiple tiers of design projects from corporate identity, packaging, and interface design to mobile and web-based interactive design and programming challenges.

We enrich the student experience by providing one-on-one exposure to faculty members who are also working professionals in their field of expertise. Elective classes allow the student to explore their individual creative interests.

The fourth year of the Graphic Design concentration includes the possibility for professional internship and portfolio development, preparing the student for entry-level employment in design studios, corporate design departments, advertising agencies, and publishing houses.