Hussian’s Digital Media concentration prepares students for the engaging field of multimedia. Offering a foundation for a broad understanding of digital media, this concentration stresses the aesthetics of design and effective technology for an engaging, interactive experience. Students will learn visual and technical skills, such as design principles, digital art creation, sound, animation, and programming, to create interactive projects in the digital environment.

These interactive projects include the opportunity to learn multiple programming languages to create effective websites, computer and web-based games, motion graphics, mobile applications, and interactive presentations. Courses including Digital Arts and Technology, Digital Game Design/Construction, Digital Multimedia, Motion Graphics, and Web Design are combined with communication and business practices to best prepare the student to enter the workplace.

All faculty members are also working professionals in the field who bring their experiences to the classroom. Elective coursework provides students with an individual path to explore additional creative interests. The internship experience, combined with the fourth-year individualized portfolio project, prepares the student to demonstrate their ability to meet the demands of the industry.

Digital media and technology are the driving forces behind many new developments across all business segments today. The need for talented and well-trained designers with extensive programming training is in high demand. Career opportunities in this evolving field include video and audio design and production, interactive media design and production, game development, motion graphics design, and animation design and production.

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