Hussian College offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree, with concentrations in Digital Media, User Interface and Experience, Graphic Design, and Visual Communications at our Philadelphia, PA Campus. We help you develop your skills on multiple levels.
The most basic of these is learning to think creatively. Mastering professional vocabulary, understanding traditional and digital art concepts, and demonstrating a thorough knowledge of the uses and limitations of all media are vital to your success. On a technical level, you will be prepared to execute your ideas using many different styles, techniques and programs.
A Hussian education combines traditional design with new technologies by offering a fundamental foundation in the fine arts and training in the development of professional digital products, including mobile applications, interactive websites, games, animation, and movies. You’ll understand the production process from creating original art to preparing pre-press production for printing, using traditional and digital solutions.
You’ll learn how to communicate with service bureaus, paper distributors, photographers, printers and other design support services. You’ll become proficient in the latest software and technology for design, animation and implementation–allowing you to realize your vision from concept to execution. Your technological experience at Hussian will prepare you for a successful career in the visual arts.

BFA in Art offered at Hussian College, Philadelphia:

Concentrations in: 

Additional programs are offered at our Relativity School, Hussian’s branch campus located in Los Angeles, CA. 

BA in Entrepreneurship: Offered at Relativity School, Los Angeles

The Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurship is an intensive four-year program that combines core entrepreneurship training with exclusive business and general education courses to offer an innovative curriculum designed by industry experts, education leaders and entertainment entrepreneurs. All students of this program take comprehensive sequences in Entrepreneurship, Business Law, Finance, Intellectual Property, Advertising, Promotion, Marketing, Management and other concentration-specific courses.

In addition to programmed course projects, all students receiving a BA in Entrepreneurship will have opportunities to work on professional projects with film and television production companies, digital/web studios, music publishers, guilds, casting agencies, talent agencies, and sports organizations.

We are committed to training students from all our programs to operate as self-sufficient artists, the entrepreneurial mindset is a quality that defines our community, which empowers students to create original content and grow audiences through digital distribution.

Concentrations in: 

BFA in Film & Digital Content: Offered at Relativity School, Los Angeles

The Film + Digital Content program features an exclusive curriculum developed by Hollywood studio executives and industry experts with a holistic approach to film production, entrepreneurship and original content creation. Our students are immersed in screenwriting, directing, sound design, cinematography, producing, pre-production, and post-production through an intensive series of collaborative and mentored projects designed to facilitate compelling, professional digital content.

Every degree track empowers students to develop fresh, short-form digital content. Your value in the world will directly correlate to how much value you can create: new ideas, new art, new discoveries and new strategies. How you translate them powerfully and create a career advantage will be through digital media.

Concentrations in: Cinematography, Directing, Documentary Film, Editing, Producing, Screenwriting, Sound Design and Visual Effects

BFA in Acting: Offered at Relativity School, Los Angeles

Our acting program is an intensive program combined with an exclusive business, entrepreneurship and general education core developed with our movie studio partner. Students earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree over the course of eight semesters while powerfully preparing for success in the professional entertainment industry. Additionally, Relativity School empowers all students to develop original digital content such as online channels, web series and interactive performances while fostering an entrepreneurial mindset in exclusive Collaboration Labs with industry mentors. Acting students take comprehensive sequences in acting, voice and speech, movement, camera technique, combat training, and business. Faculty is comprised of industry professionals and leaders who are passionate about craft, discipline, professionalism and artistic excellence.

In addition to programmed course projects, all students have the opportunity to audition for annually programmed productions including an annual fall play, an annual spring musical, student films, scene presentations and more. Additionally, our Collaboration Labs are programmed for all students and are built to foster interdisciplinary creativity.

BFA in Commercial Dance: Offered at Relativity School, Los Angeles

The commercial dance program at Relativity School is a comprehensive, integrated approach to the professional dance world for stage, film and television opportunities. Dance styles and master classes with the industry’s top choreographers cover Hip Hop, ballet, jazz funk, world cultural dance, tap, contemporary, modern and more. Relativity School’s exclusive commercial dance course sequence includes training in circus arts, dance geography, injury prevention, technical theatre production, iconic choreographers and dance history.

The acting core component trains Commercial Dance students for success on stage and screen with coursework in acting, voice and speech, improvisation, camera technique, scene study and character development. A business course sequence and collaborative digital content make this program truly one-of-a-kind for anyone wishing to create a long, diversified career in Commercial Dance.

BFA in Contemporary Musical Theatre + Film: Offered at Relativity School, Los Angeles

Professional musical theatre has become one of the most competitive industries in the performing arts, and Relativity School’s program combines comprehensive training in acting for all genres, voice, musicianship, dance, musical theatre performance and entertainment industry business courses to create an entrepreneurial approach to creating success. We create actors with a business mindset that can sing, dance and create their own work—as well as do television, film, commercials and digital media. Relativity School integrates a general education sequence including courses in Society & Culture, Arts & Humanities and Scientific Inquiry to explore diverse perspectives and allow students to express ideas, assess information critically and communicate effectively in real world settings. Students take comprehensive sequences in acting and voice, and are challenged to be innovators, entrepreneurs and thought leaders while preparing for a professional acting career in film, television and theatre.

Students collaborate with filmmakers (directors, screenwriters, producers) during their course of study and get the opportunity to work on original film projects including an original movie musical. Advanced courses in camera technique and auditioning for film, television, commercials and voice-over position our students for a diversified entertainment career both on stage and on screen. In addition to programmed course projects, students will have the opportunity to audition for annually programmed productions. Additionally, our Collaboration Labs are programmed for all students and are built to foster interdisciplinary creativity.