Hussian College is regularly assessing its programs to ensure that it continues to provide skills and competencies that are competitive in the marketplace and that set Hussian graduates apart. The President of the institution researches competitive program trends in education for creative fields locally, regionally and nationally, engages in programmatic needs assessments based on the results of research as well as faculty and student input, and develops academic goals for strategic planning purposes. Committees of board members, lead administrators, faculty, and industry advisers meet to analyze key areas for enhancement of the program and to align such enhancements with the mission, vision, and goals of Hussian.

As part of the strategic planning process, Hussian established a goal of developing and seeking all necessary approvals to offer a Bachelor of Fine Arts program. The Commonwealth requires that Hussian seek and obtain “college status” under Pennsylvania law prior to offering a Bachelor of Fine Arts program. Hussian submitted its application for college status in 2011 and hosted a site visit conducted by the Pennsylvania Department of Education in January, 2013.

Hussian received degree granting status in December 2013 and approval from ACCSC in January 2014 to offer a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

In October, 2015 Hussian College expanded its mission to inspire creativity in art education by stretching out to the West Coast through the Relativity School, a branch campus located in Los Angeles, California. The Relativity School campus has connections to Relativity Media, a global media company headquartered in Beverly Hills, California. Relativity Education, a division of Relativity Media, currently provides operational support, industry support and student services to this campus.

In January, 2015 Hussian College received final approvals from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and ACCSC to change the institution’s name from “Hussian School of Art” to “Hussian College.”