The Creativity Assessment Activity consists of two components, a brief Essay and a Creative Exercise.

Essay: Please type a 200-500 word personal statement about you and your artwork. Describe your artwork, career goals, what drives you to create, and/or anything special about you and your work that you would like to share with the review committee.

The essay will be evaluated on:

  • Does the writing demonstrate a commitment and passion for the creative process?
  • Is the writing creative?
  • Does the writing convey the author’s point of view?
  • Does the author use the appropriate grammar, punctuation, and spelling?

Creative Exercise: On an 8.5 x 11” sheet of paper, please create an original work of art based off of the assignment below.

  • Using any media of your choice please illustrate one of the following superlatives from Judi Barrett’s book Things That Are Most in the World (New York: Aladdin Press, 2001). You may choose to use charcoal, pencil, paint, collage, ink, or any combination of media except for the computer:
  • The wiggliest thing in the world is a snake ice-skating.
  • The silliest thing in the world is a chicken in a frog costume.
  • The hottest thing in the world is a fire-breathing dragon eating a pepperoni pizza.
  • The jumpiest thing in the world is a bunch of frogs jumping on a trampoline.
  • The heaviest thing in the world is a T-Rex weighing himself.
  • The stickiest thing in the world is a 400,000-pound wad of chewing gum.
  • The smelliest thing in the world is a skunk convention.
  • The teensie-weensiest thing in the world is a newborn flea.
  • The highest thing in the world is the top of the sky.
  • You may choose to make your own up if you wish.

The Creative Exercise will be evaluated on:

  • Is the work original and creative?
  • Is it clean and well presented?
  • Does the artist take risks or think of new ways to create imagery?


Your Creative Assessment Activity (both essay and exercise) can be uploaded to our online application, or mailed to the below address:

Office of Admissions
Hussian College, School of Art
111 S. Independence Mall E.
The Bourse, Suite 300
Philadelphia, PA 19106