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Hussian’s Coding Bootcamp full-time, 16-week program focuses on teaching the interdisciplinary components that are paramount to becoming a Full Stack Developer. The certificate encompasses both front-end web development and back-end web development. The certificate is designed to be taught in successive order, with each lesson building on the previous lesson.

The Full Stack Web Developer certificate program is taught in rigorous and intensive sessions to simulate a real-world software development environment. Additional nightly homework will be assigned and independent study will be required.

While the course work for the certificate program includes a substantial amount of supervised lab work, including multiple Case Study example projects, students will also be expected to build a cumulative Capstone Project independently and in concurrence with the assigned classroom coursework.

Front-end coursework will start with the fundamentals of building a static website and progress into dynamic front end concepts and individualized pages based on specific users. Students will learn HTML and CSS, as we progress into learning JavaScript. As students build their front-end web pages for the Case Study projects, they will pull data from pre-built back end code.

After completing the front-end courses, students will build their own functioning back-end for each Case Study Project. Course work will emphasize the use of Python as a back-end language, though additional languages will be discussed. The course progression includes the fundamentals of object oriented programming, structured and unstructured data stores and data security server infrastructure. Similar to the front-end course work, students will learn with multiple examples, building both the Case Study Project and Capstone Project. An example front end will be available for students to tie their Capstone Projects into and customize as they wish.

During the final week of classes, students will have the opportunity to present their Capstone Projects to other students as well as community business leaders and future employers. Students will be asked to demonstrate their mastery of each skill and theory taught throughout the program by incorporating each piece into their Capstone Project