At Media, Visits Hussian College.

Thank you, At Media for visiting!@mediadesign

Representatives of At Media visited Hussian College’s campus on February 17th to talk to our students about branding. At Media, an agency with offices in Philadelphia and Baltimore creates branding campaigns for many companies in the real estate, retail, economic, and non-profit worlds. With clients nationwide proudly benefiting from their hard work, At Media is a respected part of the professional and creative world.

Designers Avery Sohn and Wheeler Juell explained the lifecycle of a comprehensive full-service branding identity campaign, using examples from their past and current work. After their presentation, Avery and Wheeler were gracious to sit down with us and answer a few more questions.

Q: Where do people realistically get their start in the branding world? What are entry-level positions like?

A: WS- “I think Avery and I both had a very realistic entry into the branding world. We both started as interns after graduating with degrees in design, which is the industry standard. Agencies are looking for interns to help them out with work, but also are thinking about hiring, and want to see that people can do the work, and during that time, improve and show that they are worth taking on. Nobody is going to hire you based solely on the strength of your portfolio.”

Q: Roughly speaking, how many people in the branding industry have a design background? How intrinsic is being a creative person to a successful campaign?

A: WJ- “In our company, we have thirteen full-time employees. Three of us are in creative, two of us are developers, and the rest would be brand managers, account executives, and content collectors.”

AS- “I think everyone is creative in their own way. The copywriter is incredible in the way she writes and can speak about a brand and put it into a few words. We’re all creative in our own way. You may not have a graphic design background, but a lot of people can be in the branding world without one. If you want to physically to create logos, however, you definitely need to have that design background. But for campaigns, just thinking creatively is universal. Collaboration breeds creativity throughout a campaign.”

Q: What skill sets do people typically bring to the table when working professionally in branding?

A: AS- “People tend to start with some background knowledge and passion in design. If they are not passionate, it shows in their work.”

WJ- “For us, it’s technical skills, like how to work with typography, layout, knowing how to use the programs we use quickly and efficiently, and being able to show creative thinking ability.”

Q: What are some of the advantages a client gets from using an agency instead of undertaking a branding campaign on its own?

A: WJ- “Well that’s a big one. It’s a whole different world when someone decides to work with an agency. Even if they have some in-house people that can handle some of the technical design aspects of a rebrand, they’re not going to get the full strategy, concept and outside-perspective ideas that an agency can provide, and the quality of work they would get would not be as high quality as an agency could give them. Also when they come to an agency, we can create their full brand as well as manage it after the brand is done, so we really help companies get noticed and gain followers and everything else after the rebranding is done.”

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