Kyle Billings, Class of 2011

Kyle began building his business as a freelance designer immediately after graduation. He works full-time in design on projects ranging from print to web, specializing in brand development and corporate identity.  Currently, he is serving 15 clients of both long and short-term accounts. His clients come from all over the country and from different industries, providing a new learning experience with every new job.


“I have been able to provide all the services that any small ad firm can offer. New work opportunities are presenting themselves every other week and I’m very thankful to Hussian for giving me the skills and know-how for success. As business is growing, so is my corporate identity. Look for my new company, Guardian Branding, coming soon.  Hussian has really given me the tools to be my own boss. For that, I am ever grateful.” – Kyle Billings, Class of 2011