Finish the Degree that You Started.

Enrollment for the teach-out program has been extended to January 22, 2019.

The Art Institute of Philadelphia and Dream Center Education Holdings has signed an agreement with Hussian College, a Philadelphia based art and design school to finish out both the Media Art & Animation and Game Art & Design curriculum.
Basically, it means that you have an opportunity to finish your degree in the program you initially started! The same classes, many of the same teachers and administration, the only difference is you will be attending a different school. Hussian College is located at 1500 Spring Garden Street in Philadelphia and has a state of the art facility with over 33,000 square feet of maker space, fine-art studios and several computer labs. Dedicated to student success, Hussian is an easy commute with easy access to public transportation via the Broad Street Line. In fact, many of your fellow classmates are already attending school!
Not only will you be able to continue the same program academically that you were in process at with AIPH, but you also have access to all of the following:
  1. $3,000 Tuition Scholarship. Student’s must maintain academic eligibility.
  2. $5,000 Ai Transfer Tuition Grant directly from the Art Institute.
  3. All credits with appropriate grades will be accepted (no credit limit)
  4. Registration fees paid to other colleges will be reimbursed through tuition discounts
  5. The curriculum teaches out sanctioned by Pennsylvania Depart of Education (PDE), the Federal Department of Education (DOE), Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE), and The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC)
— Even if you are already attending another institution whatever credits you receive will transfer over with you. —
This is a tremendous opportunity for you to be able to complete your degree, maintain your current credits and have the same tuition benefits and cost without the stress and uncertainty of attending a new school with a new curriculum.  You are now able to finish the curriculum you wanted!  If you are still unsure where or how to finish your degree in Media Art and Animation or Game Art and Design, or if you have already selected another college to attend, it is in your best interests to explore this amazing opportunity and finish what you started.

Start your inquiry today. To schedule a visit and pick up where to left off.