Admissions Process – Hussian College

Admission Process Step 1 – Apply Now!

Admissions Process:

  1. Apply Now. 
  2. Send in a Transcript. Download our Transcript Request form. (Transcripts can be received by our application form, email, fax, or mail)
  3. Submit your SAT score.
  4. Submit artwork online or by email (Optional)
  5. Submit a Creative Assessment online or by email (Optional)

All applicants to Hussian College must submit the required application, high school transcript (or, the equivalent), college transcript(s) if applicable. Applicants can submit artwork to an approved administrator, or faculty member if desired but it is not a requirement for acceptance into Hussian College.

The Admissions process can sometimes be confusing but we make it easy by encouraging you to arrange a tour and information session to see Hussian’s facilities and student work. You will have the opportunity to speak with an admissions counselor and the financial aid officer concerning your needs and specific career objectives. The information session will give you a better understanding of our campus culture and help to determine if Hussian College is the right fit for you.

Schedule your tour by phone, email, or let us know in a message through our Contact Us form:

Hussian College® provides equal opportunity in education and employment for all qualified persons regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, or veteran status.