Admission Process & Enrollment Process: BFA in Art

  1. Complete an application. All applicants to Hussian College’s BFA must submit the required application, either on campus or online at
  2. Tour and interview. Arrange a tour/interview by calling the Office of Admissions (215) 574-9600.
  3. Complete a financial aid consultation.
    (Get started before you visit, go to our Financial Aid page for more info).
  4. Submit all documentation.
    • Transcript.
      We require a transcript that shows a 2.5 cumulative GPA was maintained in High School be provided unless there are extenuating circumstances that would merit an exception. Exceptions for a less than 2.5 GPA are granted at the request of the Director of Admissions and approved by the Dean of Education. We also accept applicants with a GED at the discretion of the President. Hussian College Catalog 23.
      Download our Transcript Request Form to make it easier to send a request to your current or previous educational institution.
    • Genius Award.
      Students who apply to Hussian College’s BFA and submit creative work may become eligible for the Genius Award. We do accept all types of creative work of any medium and technical format. A student can upload creative work or a collection of works through our application form ( or email it to us via There is no minimum requirement that needs to be provided. Your creative work will be used to assess curriculum placement and eligibility into the Genius Award scholarship; of which one creative receive the full-tuition scholarship. Also, you are automatically entered into possible merit-based scholarships when submitting your creative work. 
    • Complete Financial Aid.
      If you are prepared, you can finish your financial aid during steps 2 & 3, which will allow you to receive an award letter sooner. This is a big deal because the award letter lists what you are eligible to receive in grants, scholarships, and loans if you choose to use them. If you were not prepared in step 2 & 3, it is okay, here is where the Admissions and Financial Aid Offices will work with you to complete your financial aid status. The majority of students attending college must finish this step before moving forward in the Admissions Process and here is no different.
    • Sign your Enrollment Agreement.

Each student is evaluated holistically, with consideration for academic success, attendance, community service, and extra-curricular activities.

Admissions Policy

All applicants are considered for admission and participation in all college-directed functions without regard to their status as a member of any legal protected group or classification.

Hussian reserves the right to deny admission, continued enrollment, or re-enrollment, to any applicant or student whose personal history and background indicate that his or her presence at the college would endanger the health, safety, welfare, or property of the members of the academic community or interfere with the orderly and effective performance of the college’s functions.

Hussian reserves the right to deny, revoke, and alter the academic records, degrees, awards, and other credentials, change the standing, and inform professional or disciplinary agencies of such changes, of any person who while a student or applying for admission to Hussian, engages in, submits, or who has engaged in or submitted false, dishonest or inaccurate credentials, coursework, or other information or violated Hussian’s policies, rules or regulations.

Transfer Students

Hussian will make every effort to place qualified transfer students in advanced classes, pending review of their transcript of grades, portfolio, and personal interview, and to honor credits earned at other recognized institutions. Individual course schedules will be developed according to career objectives. Additional information can be found in the Student Handbook.

Continuing and Special Education

Hussian offers courses for persons considering a second career or career change, or advanced professionals on a part-time basis. A portfolio review is preferred to better evaluate and suggest courses to meet personal objectives more effectively.

Some admissions processes can be confusing but we make it easy by providing may steps digitally and encouraging you to arrange a tour/information session to see Hussian’s facilities and student work. You will have the opportunity to speak with an Admissions Counselor and the Financial Aid Officer concerning your needs and specific career objectives. The information session will give you a better understanding of our campus culture and help to determine if Hussian College is the right fit for you.

Schedule your tour by phone, email, or let us know in a message through our Contact Us form:

Hussian College® provides equal opportunity in education and employment for all qualified persons regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, or veteran status.