2016 Summer Workshops are finished!

High School Stop-Motion Animation &
Character Design


2016 Summer Workshops are all finished up and here is Hussian showing off our high school participants.
Thank you to all our high school Summer workshop participants listed below:

Syniah Atwell, Jane’a Brady, Alexa Branyan, Harleigh Burke, Angel Foote, Faith Gallucci (Hussian Freshman), Manon Hutchinson, Arianna Limone-Ryan, Chardan McAllister, Meredith Megee, Zaccai Miller, Yasir Moses, Kadar Myatt-knex, Alice Rong, Giavanna Smith, Kayla Taylor, Mariah Taylor, Christian Wood, Rebecca Zawodniak. Great Work & keep inspiring creativity!

Upcoming Events:

Oct. 15
Open House - Nov. 12, 2016
Nov. 12

Open House: Oct. 15 & Nov. 12, 2016